The benefits of badminton and the methords of playing badminton

Published: 15th September 2010
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Badminton is popular with young and old. You can play in the yard or in the street, or athletic field. Badminton is not only a body-building but also a recreation.You can play with your family,friends and partners in the yard of your home.It can exercise body and lose weight.It is a good sport to keep fit.

Before playing you should prepare sports equipment.Some shuttlecocks,a pair of racquets.You should set up a net in the middle of the court,40 feet long and 20 feet wide.Badminton can exercise one's sensitivity and harmony.It is fit for young and old.The amount of exercise should be according to one's age, physique,motor level and environment of court.Juvenile and children can consider it a mean of promoting growing and increasing body function.The time should be forty to fifty minutes.A good amount can promote Juvenile and children grow taller.It can educate the good mental quality of confidence,brave and decisive.It is health care and recovery for the old and weakers.The amount of exercise can be small.It can last for twenty to thirty minutes.They achieve the aim of perspiring and stretching the joints,strengthening the function of cardiovascular and nervous system.It can prevent the disease of cardiovascular and nervous system.Children can treat it as active recreation.They can run and jump in the sun.They can use the racquets hitting the shuttlecocks.They can learn not fall behind,not afraid of difficulty.If you have flexible and powerful wrist,it is benefit to you.Many movements in the game rely on your powerful wrist.Whether proceeding the well-regulate competition and common body-building,it needs the footstep to move,leap, turn and swing.Playing badminton can reduce blood fat and blood sugar.It can educate fair and square style.We can realize the feeling of successful and failure.It can educate the spirit of team.

The match requires you setting up a net in the middle of the court.You should hit the shuttlecock flying towards you.The aim is to cross the net.If the shuttlecock hit the floor board in the boundary and the opponents can't get,the servers can get one score.If the shuttlecock drops outside the boundary,the servers can get one score.If the shuttlecock is caught by the net,the severs lose one score.The competition can be divided into singles,doubles and mixed doubles.Who gets twenty-one first is the winner.You must succeed two out of three courts,then you are winner. If you are a beginner,you should ask a proficient partner to teach you.You can't choose a windy weather,because the wind can blow the shuttlecock.It can be difficult to play.At the beginning you can't serve a ball,but the partner may bear.He also bears you not receive the ball.Maybe time after time you can't receive the ball,and you will be upset.If you can persist in,you will make progress next time.The technique and feeling are important.If you and partner are friendly,you can cooperate well.Make effort to hit the shuttlecock in front of you.Don't hold the racquet tightly,in order to play the role of the power of wrist.

People will have a good body shape if they often practise.Badminton is a competitive sport all over the world. People play badminton in the open air.International championship tournament are held in many countries every year.Our country has many excellent badminton athletes.They have won honour for our country.It is a good sport to play regularly.

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